segunda-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2013

Back to School TOMORROW, NOOO !

     I cannot believe that I will have to come back to school tomorrow.  Seriously ! I hate school ! At the beginning I was like.. School in US is way better than the school in Brazil.  But, actually, it’s not.
     Have to wear your normal clothes to go to school, sometimes sucks, but I still like this part. Switch classes? OMG, it’s horrible. The hallways are always crowded and sometimes you have to run to get to class on time. Go out for lunch… you buy a lot of junk food and gain a lot of weight. Tons of homework, quizzes, test. OMG ! It’s hell !
     I wish the winter break had never ended ! And we have finals one week after school starts again. Yup, I’m gonna die.

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